School options in Hedensted

All children must attend school from the age of 6 to 16.
Children on their way to school

Public Schools – Folkeskolen

Public primary and lower secondary schools offer free education for all children aged 6-16. The municipal primary and lower secondary school consists of a pre-school class, nine years of primary and lower secondary education and an optional Year 10. Tuition is free at the public schools.

In Hedensted municipality, we have 21 public schools. 13 schools go from 0. to 6. grade and 7 schools go from 0. to 9. grade (6 to 16 years old children) and 1 school with classes from 7. to 9. grade. Year 10 is optional in Denmark and is offered at Juelsminde School and Tørring School.

Check out the schools in Hedensted Municipality (in Danish)

Free choice of school

Your child automatically belongs to the primary/lower secondary school in the school district where you live.

In Denmark, there is a free choice of school, which means that you can enroll your child at another school if you wish. Please note that there has to be vacant place before you send your child to another school than the one in your district.

In Hedensted Municipality, there are also a few private schools. 

After-school clubs (SFO)

The schools have different options for after school care and clubs. Contact your local school for more information.