If leaving

If you are planning to leave Denmark permanently, there are several practical matters to pay attention to.

First of all, you must deregister from the national register. If you are moving abroad for less than six months, you can retain your registered address unless you rent out or lend your house or flat. If staying abroad for longer than six months, you must deregister. At the Citizen Centre, you can get help to deregister.

Deregister from the national register (Download scheme)
Fill out the forms and return it at your local Citizen Centre or deregister online on lifeindenmark.dk.

You can have your mail forwarded

The Danish postal service, PostNord, can forward your mail to an address abroad for the first six months. Registration is only online using an online form. Find more information on PostNord’s homepage. 

Find more information on Danish taxes, holiday allowance and much more on lifeindenmark.dk.