About Hedensted Municipality

A community with local clubs, schools, beautiful nature and businesses.

The municipality of Hedensted is situated in the middle of Jutland and has about 47,000 inhabitants. The biggest towns are Hedensted, Løsning, Juelsminde and Tørring. The municipality is situated between the larger towns Horsens and Vejle, and it is easy to get around the country via the E45 and Midtjysk Motorway. You can go to Horsens and Vejle in about 20 minutes and visit larger towns such as Aarhus, Odense, Esbjerg, Silkeborg and Kolding within an hour.

Hedensted Municipality is known for good schools, local clubs, lots of beautiful nature with forests and beaches where you can find activities or just relax. There are almost 3,000 companies in Hedensted Municipality and most of them are manufacturing companies. They employ about 21,000 persons (2018) and create about 200 new jobs per year.