Learn Danish

All foreign nationals over the age of 18 are entitled to a publicly financed Danish language course if you have been granted residence, have a Danish CPR number and are covered by the Danish immigration act.

Get a referral from Jobcenter Hedensted

If you are interested in learning Danish, you can sign up for a free Danish language class. But before you can do that, you need a referral from Jobcenter Hedensted.

After arriving in Denmark, you will receive a letter from Jobcenter Hedensted with an invitation to start a language course in your mailbox in Digital Post. When you receive a letter from us, it is important that you let us know within a month whether you want to learn Danish now or later - or perhaps not at all. We will help you arrange where and when you can start the course.

You are given 3,5 years of language teaching in a period of five years. This period starts from the date of the referral. If you do not show up at the language course or pay the deposit of the course, the given five-year period is still active. Please note that if you want to postpone your language course you must let the language center know.


Before starting the Danish language course, you must pay a deposit of DKK 2,000 to the language center where you also will be given further information about refund. The actual tuition is paid by Hedensted Municipality.

If you are an au pair, you do not need to pay the deposit and no fee will be charged.

Learn Danish online

While you wait to start your Danish language class, you can find a number of online options. Please note that some providers may charge for their courses.