Sorting your Waste

Find information here about how to sort your household waste and what you can dispose at our recycling stations.

How to sort your waste

In Hedensted municipality, we sort our waste. Your waste must be sorted in four types:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Metal/plastics/food and beverage cartons
  • Food waste
  • Residual waste

Glass waste must be disposed at our recycling stations.

Download a guide on how to sort your waste (pdf)

Recycling stations

There are four recycling stations in Hedensted Municipality. You can dispose your garbage in Juelsminde, Hornsyld, Løsning and Uldum. 

Find addresses and opening hours on www, (in Danish)

Bulky Items Collections

If you need help getting rid of bulky items, we collect your bulky items four times per year in the following weeks:

  • Week 11
  • Week 23
  • Week 37
  • Week 49

No later than a week before collection you must make a request.

Follow this link to request a collection of your bulky items (in Danish)

You must sort your bulky items into transparent plastic bags. On the day of collection, your items must be ready no later than 7.30 a.m. Please place your items on the pavement.