Coming to a new country to work can bring a lot of questions to mind. How does the Danish labour market work? What characterizes Danish work culture? How am I insured if I become unemployed? How can I find a job for my spouse? What about pension?
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You can find the answers for these and many more questions by consulting WorkinDenmark’s website, or by contacting them at one of their four offices in Denmark.

About WorkinDenmark

WorkinDenmark, is a public service organ who specializes in helping foreign workers to either find work in Denmark, help accompanying spouses find work, help international students find student jobs. Furthermore they provide a lot of useful information about all you need to know about working in Denmark.

In order to learn much more about the Danish labour market, what you need to know about terms of employment, unemployment insurance, work culture, pensions schemes and much much more, we strongly encourage you to consult the WorkinDenmark website.

Getting help at Jobcenter Hedensted

In Hedensted, we have a job centre, whose main task is to help jobseekers find work. However, the guiding concept of the job centre is self service which means that the job centre provides resources enabling you to find work, and an IT-system to advertise job vacancies for employers by using a job- and CV database called "Jobnet". This can be accessed through the job centre computers or via the website

At the job centre you will find free access to a computer as well as general information on how to find a job in Denmark. Take special notice that the job centre does not have the capacity to translate CV's or job vacancies.

If you need help navigating jobnet, uploading CV etc. you can also ask for help at the job centre.