By car

If you bring a foreign registered car to Denmark, please be aware that there are number of rules and regulations to which you must comply within a relatively short period of time.

Speed limits (general)

When driving in Denmark, we operate with three main speed limits, unless stated otherwise by signs. You will often see temporary or permanent restrictions overruling the general limits.

In towns:

50 km/h – be aware that when you see a city sign (white sign with a black silhouette of houses, this indicates that you are entering a town area, where you can drive no more than 50 km/h unless stated otherwise).

Main roads:

80 km/h


130 km/h

Be aware that speeding is a traffic violation and you can risk being fined or loosing your driver’s licence.


Denmark has a range of rules regarding parking. In many parking spaces you can park free but with a time limit (usually 1-3 hours). You will need a parking disc (see below) for this.

In other parking spaces you may need to buy a ticket or set a parking meter. If you fail to set your parking disc or you do not set a parking meter or buy a ticket, you risk a fine issued by a parking attendant. The fine is currently (2010) DKK 510-590 depending on whether the parking is public or private.

Parking disc

A parking disc is a small clock-like disc placed at the bottom right-hand (passenger’s) side of the windscreen. When parking, you must set the current time. Important: you may receive a ticket if you forget to set the parking disc. Parking discs can be bought at petrol stations, post offices, larger supermarkets, car dealerships and other venues.

Public parking

Public parking is parking in public spaces and on public roads. You must follow standard traffic rules for parking on public roads. A municipal parking officer or the police check compliance with the rules. Public parking signs indicate which days of the week and within which time periods you will need to buy a parking permit or set the parking disc. Outside the indicated period you do not need to set your parking disc or buy a permit.

Private parking

Parking spaces are increasingly being run by private companies. Private companies are required by law to clearly indicate that it is a privately run parking lot and to display the applicable rules. Private parking signs will indicate whether you need to set your parking disc, for how long you can park, or if you need to buy a parking permit.