Learning Danish

In Denmark, all foreign nationals over the age of 18 who have been granted residence, have been issued with a Danish CPR number and are covered by the Danish immigration act, are entitled to a publicly-financed Danish language course.
Sign at Jobcenter Hedensted

This means that you as a foreigner can learn Danish free of charge, and is a way to help adult newcomers from abroad get started in Denmark – by ensuring they have the language skills and cultural knowledge required.

Sign up for Danish language class

To sign up for a free Danish language class you need a referral from Jobcenter Hedensted

From experience we know that it can be a good idea to start you language course as soon as possible, as there is a three year time limit on this offer.

Online Danish

In addition to the municipality’s offer of Danish language classes, you have a number of online options. No Danish CPR number is required, and you will often be able to start your course before you arrive in Denmark. Please note that some providers may charge for their courses.

Language schools also offer online Danish language courses – find more information here.