Childcare in Denmark

In Denmark it is very common to have your child placed in child care during the day

All infants and small children in Denmark are guaranteed accommodation at a childcare centre during the day. The day care service covers all children from 26 weeks to and including third grade. In general a distinction is made between the following age groups.

1. The first three years

You can place your child up to the age of three in childcare. You can place your child in a day nursery with trained staff, but you can also place your child with a municipal childminding service where the child is cared for in the childminder’s private home.

2. Age three until school starts

From the age of three until your child starts school, you can place the child in a kindergarten, which employs trained staff. Your child will participate in many different activities and experiences in preparation for the challenges at school.

3. From school start until third grade

When your child starts school, you can have the child cared for before and after school hours. This is called after-school care and the children can play, do their homework and participate in a number of leisure activities under the supervision of trained staff.

How to place your child in childcare

In accordance with the national childcare guarantee scheme, every child is guaranteed childcare placement within a maximum of three months of application. This guarantee also applies to newcomers from abroad.

As a newcomer in the municipality of Hedensted you are guaranteed a childcare placement within three months of having applied for childcare placement.
However, you must be aware that you cannot sign your child up for day care services, if you (or your spouse) have not yet been issued with a CPR-number. Therefore you must register for a CPR-number as soon as possible in order to apply for childcare placement.