Citizens from the EU/EEA and Switzerland

Citizens from the EU/EEA and Switzerland can take employment in Denmark and start work immediately after an employment date has been set.

If you have given up your permanent address abroad to work in Denmark, you must register as a foreign national in Denmark under the procedure below. If you are a citizen of Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden, you do not need to apply for a certificate of registration as all citizens from Nordic countries have the right to reside in Denmark without permission.

Step 1: Government Administration – Certificate of Registration

First, you need to apply for a registration certificate. Your application should be submitted to the nearest Government Administration office to obtain the certificate. You must appear in person.

Remember to bring:

  • Passport or ID with photo
  • Employment contract (Students will need to bring a letter of enrolment from a Danish educational institution, and a declaration that they have sufficient means, such as a transcript from a bank account, notification of scholarship, etc.)
  • Two passport photos
  • Completed application form for EU residence certificate called OD1.

The nearest Government Administration office is at:

Lyseng Alle 1
8270 Højbjerg
(in Århus)
(This branch deals with EU residence matters.)

Step 2: Citizens’ Service office – Civil Registration (CPR) Number and Health Insurance Card 

To obtain a civil registration (CPR) number and a health insurance card, you must register at the Citizens’ Service office in the municipality of residence.

Remember to bring:

  • Passport or ID with photo
  • Registration certificate
  • Marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates if applicable (original documents)

When you have been registered, you will be issued with a Danish CPR number, and a yellow health insurance card will be sent to your registered address. When you register with the Citizens’ Service office you will also be asked to choose a general practitioner (GP). You will be able to choose from a list at the Citizens’ Service office. You will need your yellow health insurance card when contacting your GP, hospitals and dentist. You are entitled to the same health services as a Dane.

Find the address of the nearest Citizens’ Service office in your municipality of residence in the section on Citizens’ Service.

Step 3: Income Tax – Tax Card

When you work in Denmark, you must also pay income tax in Denmark, and you will therefore need a tax card. SKAT is the Danish Tax Authority which issues tax cards.
We recommend that you consult SKAT’s website in order to learn more about how to contact SKAT and how to obtain a tax card.

We recommend that you bring the following documents if you are to meet with SKAT in person:

  • Passport or ID with photo
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable) (original document)
  • Supporting documentation for your address in Denmark (such as a rental contract for your accommodation)
  • The latest income tax return from your former country of residence
  • Employment contract
  • Bank details from your home country

Please note that if your income changes, if you purchase a property, if you take out a loan etc. you must contact SKAT. A new tax card will then be issued.

For Hedensted and district the tax centre is located at:

Skattecenter Horsens
Løvenørnsgade 25
8700 Horsens

Step 4: Bank Account

You must have a bank account to receive your salary. You will only be able to open a bank account after you have been issued with a CPR number (see above).

Remember to bring:

  • Employment contract (If you are a student you should bring your letter of enrolment from the Danish educational institution you attend)
  • Passport or ID with photo
  • Proof of address in Denmark (such as a rental contract for your accommodation)
  • Your CPR number

Ask the Bank to make the account a “NemKonto”.
Read more about "NemKonto"